Welcome to our new WGEA Website!

I hope that this site will be useful for our members to reference important information.  Please understand that this site is a work in progress and we will be working to improve it as the year moves on.  A few key things to note is the link to important dates as well as the availability of our most recent contract.  Please keep the contract as private as possible.  Some of the information is password protected.  The password has been sent to your home email address.  If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact me or one of your building reps.  If you notice any problems or have suggestions as to information you would like included on the site, please let me know.  I will continue to send information to your home email address that is important and time sensitive.

A special thanks to Danielle Emans who donated all of her time to get this site up and running!

Tom Booth
WGEA President


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